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Learn self-hypnosis with Alexander Fidelman

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Self-hypnosis for a better management and a successful transformation of your life

265154 490742 1 320x400 - Learn self-hypnosis with Alexander FidelmanAlexander Fidelman is a Certified Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, holding State Licensed Diplomas in Certified, Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.

Alexander is also a member of the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists (IAIH) and International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotherapists (IAPCH). He is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP and a member of the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Alexander Fidelman, offers a full range of hypnotherapy services using traditional and contemporary hypnosis. He helped many people to relieve their fears, raise confidence and self-esteem, control pain, stop smoking, release weight and transform many aspects of their lives. He uses various techniques such as age regression, breathwork, parts therapy and other modalities to transform the issues at their very roots.

Sunday, November 20, 2016, Alexander will hold a workshop at Hot Yoga House Miami where you'll have the possibility to learn how self-hypnosis can transform your fears, raise self-esteem, build confidence and reach your goals. You will also learn how to raise your vibrational frequency and improve your emotional state with powerful Focusing and Core Transformation techniques, navigating the internal landscape of your subconscious mind.

The workshop is highly experiential and it will help you to open and align all major energy centers as well as improve the energy flow in your body.

Both beginners as well as experienced practitioners of self-hypnosis are welcomed.

$35 early bird until November 16
$40 regular

The space is limited, so sign up today.

Hot Yoga House Miami
2500 SW 28th Ln, Miami, FL 33133
Phone: 305-856-9922

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