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At the beginning of the summer season, many families begin to plan their vacation. For those who plan to spend a few days outside the city, the least they want is to worry about the safety of their home.

I offer some tips that will help you and your loved ones enjoy a fun and safe vacation.

• Be sure to notify your local police agency of the dates of your departure and return. Provide them with a name and telephone number of a neighbor, friend, or relative whom can notify you in the event of a robbery, fire or other emergency . Officers who patrol usually in your area can periodically check your home.

• Contact Call the post office and ask them to keep your mail on the days you will not be. Your mailman carrier will deliver your mail as soon as you return or you may choose to pick it up at the post office.

• If you receive the newspaper, suspend the service of the newspaper so that it does not appear that your house is empty.

• Coordinate with your service provider to make sure that the lawn is cut and watered regularly during your absence. Also, ask someone to come by your house daily to remove the flyers and circulars around your front door and patio.

• If you have valuables in the house, you must take them to the bank to put them in your safe. Deposit into your bank account any additional money that you do not intend to take with you on your trip.

• Move valuables near the windows so they cannot be seen. Make sure you have a list of all your appliances, furniture and valuables.

• Be sure to repair any windows or locks on the doors or windows in the house before you travel.

• Store any patio furniture, bicycle, or any other item that can be moved inside your garage or home. Things that stay out while you are not home, can be easily stolen.

• Coordinate with a neighbor, friend, or relative to take care of your home. Give them him a key and let them him know where or how they can communicate with you in case of an emergency. Ask them to occasionally park his or her car in your parking lot.

• Be sure to bring your phone with you so that you can communicate with people who are watching your house during your trip.

• Ask them to go over your home if you will be gone for more than a few days to be sure nothing has been altered.


Just before leaving on a trip:


• Turn down the volume of your home phone so that it cannot be heard from outside the property.

• Set an electronic timer to turn on and off some lights and a radio during certain times of day and night.

• You can achieve even more protection if you have a neighbor who is willing to readjust the lights controlled by the timer so that a routine is not set during your absence.

• Disconnect all electrical appliances as well as sound equipment, televisions, irons, coffee machines, washing machines and fans to avoid possible thunderstorm damage.

• Make sure that all gas appliances are in good condition and that the pilot light is working.

• Turn off the washer water to avoid possible damage to a broken hose.

• Adjust the thermostat of your heating and air conditioning system to maintain a reasonable temperature while you are away.

• Close all windows and sliding glass doors, and make sure all hurricane curtains or windows are closed or fixed.

• Close and secure the garage door.

• Place the window curtains in the position they are accustomed to during the day, and make sure that all curtains and blinds are arranged in such a way that neighbors and police can see inside your home. Do not close blinds and curtains or do other things that advertise that your home is unoccupied.

• Make sure the last person on the trip leaves the door closed. Finally, double check the house to check the doors and windows are locked once more.

• If you leave a car or other vehicle on your driveway, make sure it is locked too.

• In case of a robbery, the neighbor, friend or relative should be instructed not to enter the house until the police have arrived and cleared the house.

• It is important that they know how to communicate with you always while you are traveling.


Stay safe and enjoy a fun vacation!

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