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Jose A. Dapena - Injury, Litigations, Insurance Claims, Disputes, Criminal Defense, Immigration

The Law Offices of Jose A. Dapena, P.A., is a Miami based law firm with offices in Tampa and Homestead providing services in Personal Injury, Homeowner Insurance Claims, PIP Litigation, Criminal Defense, Family Law, Immigration and Civil Litigation.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Jose A. Dapena, P.A., are experienced and qualified to represent clients in various fields. They take great pride in their reputation and experience. They have the required flexibility to meet individual client's needs as well the resources and experience to handle difficult cases.

With a staff of 17 friendly and knowledgable people, they can assist you in obtaining the best result possible.

Need help and a fast response?  They have a 24 hour toll free phone service available and you can call them at anytime so that their team can assist you and help you protect your rights.



Toll Free: 1-855-512-6814

Marina Lakes Business Park
4960 S.W. 72nd Avenue
Suite 205
Miami, FL  33155
Tel: (305) 662-4323

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