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Join and Celebrate The Wynwood Art Walk

Wynwood Art Walk

Take part in the monthly Wynwood Art Walk on Saturday: amazing art, great music and delicious foods

Miami-Dade County is inviting residents and tourists to come at the monthly Wynwood Art Walk on Saturday, August 13 from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.  If you want to experience amazing art, hear the best music and taste delicious food, come and join the monthly Wynwood art festival.

Wynwood is an old neighborhood of Miami and it was originally inhabited by the working class. The Wynwood Art Walk festival gathers a variety of works of art, from classic art galleries to street art galleries and graffiti paintings.

Because of the Zika mosquito alert, the volunteers with Miami-Dade County’s Goodwill Ambassador Program will distribute "Drain and Cover" informational brochures, as well as mosquito repellent towelettes. The volunteers will be in the Wynwood area starting with 5:00 p.m., to help educate the people about the mosquito prevention measures.

“We want our local residents and tourists to know that Wynwood is safe and open for business, and that with the right protection, we can continue to support this thriving community,” said Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez.  “We are encouraging visitors to enjoy the entertainment and activities that Wynwood has to offer and to support the area’s businesses.”

The first line of defense in the mosquito-borne viruses battle are the residents and business owners all over Miami-Dade County. They are encouraged to help the community by removing or draining any spot outside of homes or businesses that could hold standing water and also protect themselves by covering bare skin and using mosquito repellent when headed outdoors.

If you are a Miami-Dade resident, business owner or tourist and you want to report a mosquito inconvenience you should call 311, or report it using the 311 Direct smartphone app.  For more information on mosquito control in Miami-Dade County, please visit

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