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Jenny Perez - Visual Pop Artist in Little Havana

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Get to know Jenny Perez, how she started, and where she is today.

Jenny Perez is a visual pop artist and Miami native of Cuban and Dominican descent. She enrolled in her first painting class after college and soon realized she really hated being told what and how to paint. So she decided to drop out of the class and continued painting on her own. It only took her  6 months to become one of the greatest Miami hits and in the summer of 2014 she established her studio in the heart of Little Havana (1356 SW 8th Street Miami, FL, 33135), Little Havana being her source of inspiration.

hi - Jenny Perez - Visual Pop Artist in Little Havana

Little Havana for me is like a mini vacation destination within Miami. Every time I am there I feel as though I am in another part of the world. I believe the energy that comes from this area is rich in culture, character and is so different from any other area in this city. Being that I am of Cuban descent, having a work space in the heart of the Cuban community truly helps inspire me. I am drawn to the music, the food and the ethnicity of Little Havana. These are my roots, and I enjoy exploring them! I hope that by having a strong artistic presence in the area, I will be able to incorporate more street art and help beautify the neighborhood. I want to bring the art lovers here and host more exhibitions. Little Havana truly is a hidden gem and not enough people my age give it a chance.

As a culturally influenced and dominant artist, Perez is one of the very few woman-empowering visual pop artists from Miami, Florida. She features fresh perspectives to many personal experiences, topics and movements with strong messages that tie into her art and captivate her audiences with beautiful works of art. It is safe to say that Jenny Perez's work aids to lead today's artistic and idealistic generation.

heart of gold 248x300 - Jenny Perez - Visual Pop Artist in Little Havana
Jenny Perez - Rich Girl

Using canvas and acrylic paint as her primary mediums, Jenny Perez is becoming a physical visual artist. Her art has often been incorporated to set a powerful image to venues, stores, and even street art with murals and festivals.

Representing many movements, pro-social efforts and bringing many communities in strength to prosper through her art, Jenny Perez is proud to be a strong cultural icon and we are proud to have her here, with us.

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