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Inner Explorer is trying to change our childrens' mental health for the better

slam 1 - Inner Explorer is trying to change our childrens' mental health for the better


The issues we face in this country and around the world are complex, including generational poverty, racially and ethnically motivated hatred and violence as well as the current opioid and mental heath epidemics.

There is one thing, however,
that all these issues have in common-

-Unrealized Human Potential-

Children are born with vast potential, yet for many, that potential is thwarted by the effects of trauma associated with adverse childhood experiences (ACES link).  It’s estimated that 25% of children are negatively affected, disrupting their education and their future potential. While ACES is most often linked to poverty, many children from more affluent communities are struggling with stress, suicide ideation, depression and anxiety. Considered together, an entire generation of kids is growing up without the tools to navigate an alarmingly complex world.

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As a result, many children repeat the same patterns because they see themselves as inextricably connected to the trauma and stress they have experienced.  This is not a new phenomenon, it’s been happening for generations!

Before kids can succeed in school and ultimately in life, we have to help them understand who and what they are, in other words, teach them to become self-aware. There are no short cuts to the process of developing self-awareness, as evidence by the number of adults who aren’t.

What if you could spend 0.02% of what you spend on education programs
and have 10 times the impact?

Self-awareness, at an embodied level, is developed over time through reflective practices like mindfulness. In fact, children who regularly practice mindfulness, develop self-awareness, as well as begin to understand that they are something much beyond the circumstances of their life.  Self-control, resilience, focus, creativity and compassion all spring from a deeper appreciation of self.  The question is no longer “Does mindfulness belong in public schools?, there is ample evidence. The question is “How quickly can we implement it in every Pk-12th grade classroom?”

It turns out that the answer is simple.

Inner Explorer provides an audio-guided series of mindfulness practices that can be streamed onto any networked device, anywhere in the world. The series’ of 5 to 10-minute a day practices are easy to implement. Teachers simply log in and press ‘play’. In fact, this is one of the only programs in education that benefits teachers as much as students, since they participate together in the daily sessions.  In addition, parents and caregivers can be connected to the same practice their child listens to in the classroom, linking home and school with stress reduction and peak performance tools.

The Inner Explorer programming is evidence-based (research link) and is currently being used by 30,000 classroom teachers and 750,000 students every day, at a cost of less than $2 per student per year, or 0.02% of our average spend per student in the US.

By focusing on the roots of our most pressing issues, there is strong evidence
that we can break the cycles of poverty, violence and despair in one generation.

Educators and funders are taking notice and increasingly investing in Inner Explorer, please join us!

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