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High voltage wire nearly kills electric company employee

20180213 132210 1 scaled - High voltage wire nearly kills electric company employee

Just after 12 pm today, Miami Fire Rescue was dispatched to Northwest 14th Avenue and 34th Street for reports of a possible electrocution of an electric company employee.

Fire Crews arrived to find several workers performing CPR on an electrical worker from Pike Electric Company who had endured high voltage injuries. Paramedics assumed life saving efforts and was able to regain a pulse. He was transported to Ryder Trauma Center in critical condition.

According to co-workers on the scene, the electrical employee, in his mid-40s, was working on an electrical line when he came in contact with a high-voltage wire. His screams for help could be heard by his co-workers who assisted with bringing the cherry picker to the ground. Once lowered, they found him unconscious and began CPR immediately.  At one point, the worker regained consciousness but then slipped away again. Workers resumed CPR again and continued until paramedics arrived.

Thanks to the quick actions of two co-workers, this patient was given a fighting chance at life. 
There was no power Interruption to the neighborhood and FPL is on scene.
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