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How to get a good night's sleep


Let's improve our sleep quality with some simple steps

If you are wondering why it's so difficult to fall asleep every night and you don't have any medical problems that are causing this, we have some answers. Certain external factors can influence our sleep quality and the good news is that we can control almost all of them and that we can adopt habits that encourage better sleep.

You can start with this simple steps.

  1. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine: Caffeine can be found not only in coffee, but it can also be found in tea, chocolate, soda, and some pain relievers. You should avoid caffeine and nicotine for four to six hours before bedtime. Alcohol should be avoided for three hours before going to sleep.
  2. Power down: Turn off TVs, computers, phones, and other blue-light sources an hour before you go to bed. Don't forget to cover any other light source that you can't shut off.
  3. Stick to a sleep schedule: You should go to bed and get up at the same time every day, even on weekends and holidays. This way you'll set up your body's sleep-wake cycle which promotes a better sleep.
  4. Create a pre-bedtime ritual: Doing the same things every night before bedtime will tell your body that is time to wind down. Take a warm bath, read a book, or listen to some soothing music.
  5. Limit your naps: If you choose to nap during the day, limit yourself to about 10 to 30 minutes and make it during the midafternoon.
  6. Physical activity: For a better and deeper sleep it's important to include some physical activity in your daily routine. Don't exercise too close to bedtime because you might be too energized to fall asleep.
  7. Your bedroom should be ideal for sleeping only: This means cool, dark and quiet. You can use room-darkening shades, earplugs, and a fan to create an environment that suits your needs. Don't forget to choose a mattress and pillows that are perfect for your comfort.
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