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Today Begins The Early Voting In Miami-Dade

Early Voting

Early Voting: Monday, August 15 - Sunday, August 28

Early Voting for the August 30, 2016 Primary Election will be accessible in Miami-Dade County for 14 sequential days, starting on Monday, August 15 and goes through Sunday, August 28. Hours of operation will fluctuate to support the requirements of all Miami-Dade voters, and a full summary of areas and hours may be found on the Early Voting page.

Voters are reminded they can go to any of the 20 locations all through the Early Voting period, not at all like Election Day when they have to go to their assigned area.

Waiting time for each of the 20 locations will be posted on the Elections Department's site and will be overhauled for the duration of the day, so that voters can decide when and where is most helpful for them. Voters are likewise urged to examine their modified sample ballot on the Department's site to view the vote language before making their choice.

For more information, please call 311 or visit the websites below:

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