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Fidel Castro: The death of the Cuban dictator


Fidel Castro dies at 90 years old

The death of the Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro was announced Friday night, November 25, 2016, by his brother Raul. His death brings closer the end of an era of politicians that marked the last century.

The Cuban dictator was equally revered and hated. He was an example for a whole generation of statesmen from Latin America and at the same time, he was an enemy for the Occidental leaders.

While Cuba is in mourning, the death of Fidel Castro was received as a holiday for the Cuban immigrants in Miami. Hundreds of Cuban people gathered on the Miami streets and celebrated until morning. In Florida lives the biggest community of Cuban immigrants, over one million people. Even though Fidel withdrew from the public life, he remained a symbol of fear and oppression.

One Cuban immigrant said that he waited for this moment for 60 years. He also stated that Fidel Castro was a symbol of tyranny, killing many people in Cuba and doing so much harm for those who lived in exile. At the same time, a local woman in Cuba said that they are very sad and that they grieve the death of the Commander. She also said that even though he is dead, he will always be their leader.

He will remain in the history for the fact that he built a communist empire at the border with U.S., the land of freedom. For 50 years, Washington tried in vain to remove him from the leadership. In 2008, he voluntarily and officially left the power because of his health problems.

In 2009, Fidel Castro wrote a farewell letter to Cubans in which he said, "I’m well, but I insist that no-one should feel obligated by… my ailing health or my death… I have had the rare privilege of observing events over such a long time. I receive information and meditate calmly on those events. I expect I won’t enjoy that privilege in four years, when Obama’s first presidential term has ended."

The Cuban authorities want to be sure that the entire nation will have the chance to say goodbye to Fidel Castro. The national funeral will take place on December 4, at Santiago de Cuba. Until then, the urn with his ashes will be taken into a pilgrimage all over the country.

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