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How to deal with insurance agencies

insurance agencies

A personal injury attorney could ease your job when dealing with insurance agencies

Insurance agencies assume a critical role after you had a car accident. In general, the case is made against the insurance agency that protects the party in charge of producing the accident. In many cases, the accident casualty must make a claim against his or her own insurance agency. Despite the circumstances, the individual involved in the affliction may consider following these steps:

Contact an Attorney

Numerous people believe that they can deal with their own particular car accident claim. In many case, the insurance agents speak to the interests of the insurance agency they belong and frequently they try to deny as many cases that could be allowed. On the off-chance that they don't deny the case, they frequently make low offers to settle the case. When managing one's own insurance agency, the insurance agent does not pay special attention to the party's best advantages. Insurance agencies may just utilize a recipe to choose whether to make a settlement as opposed to just looking at the particular circumstances of the case.

Personal damage lawyers have many roles while representing the casualties. They can advise the victim about the legitimate rights connected with the case. Furthermore, they can recommend the casualty on decisions to make or not to make, for example, giving a declaration to the insurance agency. Also, a personal injury attorney handles the correspondences with the insurance agency so that the victim does not say something that may unfavorably influence their case. This allows the personal injury legal advisor to seek after the highest pay for the victim.


Florida is a No-Fault state type, meaning that in a car crash, the casualty must submit an individual injury insurance claim with their own insurance strategy to pay for their hospital expenses, no matter who's fault was. These approaches likewise require the policyholder to collaborate with a case examination which may incorporate asking for a recorded statement. Recorded statements are utilized against the victim personal injury lawyer can recommend the casualty on the best possible approach to answer questions and can attend when the announcement is given.

Not Cooperate

In cases including the other driver's insurance agency, the personal injury attorney representing the casualty won't permit a recorded statement to happen. In general, the victim is under no commitment to give a statement to the insurance agency representing the driver who produced the accident. This recorded statement is frequently used to put on some pressure and force the casualty to give details that could be utilized against him or her in order to give an excuse to a low offer.

Negotiate your price

The insurance agency may offer a settlement to solve the case. The underlying offer low in many cases since it known that a negotiation for a bigger price will take place. The personal injury attorney  can decide the estimation of the case and arrange for a reasonable and full compensation. 

Respond in Time

Victims involved in personal injury accidents usually don't have long to choose if they want to take a legal action because of the time limits.In Florida, a car accident victim has four years from the date of the accident to submit a claim before it will be forever banned.

If you have had an accident and would like to discuss your case with an attorney, feel free to contact Leo Valdes, D.C., Esq. at (305) 567-0910. Mr. Valdes is a personal injury attorney and chiropractor.  He combines his experience of treating accident patients with his knowledge of the law to obtain favorable settlements for his clients.

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