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What Everyone Ought to Know About the Dangers of Fireworks.

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Every year, many families plan their summer vacations, months in advance. Most of these vacations are planned around the Fourth of July.

Families everywhere flock to beach destinations in order to get front row seats to the traditional spectacle of lights that beam through the sky. Many drive for miles in order to purchase their own artillery to set off during this holiday. As one of the most patriotic holidays of the year, The Fourth of July is one of the most important holidays we celebrate here, in the United States.

Also known as, Independence Day, it is the day Americans celebrate their independence from England. What started as the thirteen original colonies that settled in the new land, eventually led to the formation of the United States of America. To celebrate this Independence from England, many show their patriotic spirit by participating in traditional activities. Residents participate in local parades, community barbecues, and gathering together with family and friends, eating, drinking, and everyone’s favorite; watching fireworks.

The culminating activity everyone looks forward to is the traditional light show in the sky. Most families light their own fireworks to avoid leaving their personal property. Although, some tend to forget just how dangerous these colorful explosives can be. There are many ways to stay safe from any tragedies these fireworks may cause.

First, it is important you make certain to read the cautionary labels and performance descriptions before lighting each set of fireworks. Without doing so, you may get burned from the explosives due to lack of readiness to expect what could possibly happen.

As you go to use a firework, make sure to avoid using fireworks indoors, it is safest to use them outdoors in a clear area; away from buildings and vehicles. If you are unsuccessful in doing this, you may accidentally light your surroundings on fire such as your house and/or vehicles.

When lighting, it is necessary to remain cautious and light each firework one at a time and then quickly move away. If you fail to remember to do this, you may potentially burn yourself or cause other injuries to your body.

Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose handy or in the area when lighting fireworks to avoid any fires or probable accidents that may happen. You may also dump a bucket of water and soak used fireworks before dumping them to keep from having them set off as you are disposing them.

To avoid fires, dispose of used fireworks by wetting them down and placing them in a metal trash can away from any building or flammable materials until the next day. The reason it is important to do this is because fireworks may still have a little extra kick in them once they’ve already been set off. Therefore, it is important to dispose of them correctly in order to avoid a catastrophe from occurring, and potentially damaging its’ surroundings.

Never try to re-ignite or pick up fireworks that have not fully set off, thus making it easier to avoid any harm to be done to you or anybody around you (perhaps picking up the already used fireworks).

Although these tips do not seem very important as you are enjoying the beautiful lights in the sky with the rest of your family and friends, it is important you follow through with these necessary steps nonetheless. As long as you follow them, you will be sure to have a very safe and harmless Fourth of July. As you do this, please do not forget to enjoy the safe and striking displays as we celebrate our nation’s birthday.

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