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CHURROMANIA® Grand Opening in Little Havana


CHURROMANIA is the next shop to line the fray along the famous Calle Ocho street in the heart of Little Havana. One of it's specialties that sets it apart from the competition is that this CHURROMANIA adds a very Latin-American café flavor to the traditionally Spanish churros treat.

The story on how exactly churros came to exist is divided.  What we know is that it was the conquistadors who introduced them to America and now CHURROMANIA is writing the modern churro story.  Founded in 1997 by Ariel Acosta-Rubio and his wife, Laly Bravo, the Miami-based franchise has flourished by creating a minimalist menu, which offers various creative flavors around the Latin staple. The power couple has come a long way since opening the first churrería in their native Venezuela. Today, they have more than 100 locations all over the world.

“CHURROMANIA on Calle Ocho is a match made in heaven,” said franchisees Daniel Lopez and Fidel Asis Lopez who joined forces to open the shoppe on the popular and historic thoroughfare.

“People love to come here and see the murals, art galleries, Cuban culture and music. Enjoying all of that with a delicious churro in hand, will only add to the experience.” Asis, with his legendary Guayabera retail stores, has become an institution in the neighborhood.

His plans for CHURROMANIA of Little Havana include

  • baristas making Cuban coffee
  • an artful, shaded outdoor seating area called "Callejon del Gallo," where people can relax and watch passer-by traffic on the famed street

Little Havana is among the top points of interest for domestic and international tourists visiting Miami. According to the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, the area gets nearly 3 million visitors yearly. Popular attractions include Tower Theater, Cubaocho Museum & Performing Arts Center, Dominos Park, cigar shops, music clubs, novelty stores, several restaurants and confectionaries.  Located on a prime stretch, CHURROMANIA will help elevate Little Havana’s gastronomic footprint.


Timing couldn’t be better as the specialty dessert industry is thriving, and churros specifically are growing in popularity. "CHURROMANIA has rescued the nostalgia of the churro," said Acosta-Rubio, "We reinvented the churro and are excited to see people from all over the world discover, and rediscover, the indulgent treat."

A fiesta is being planned for CHURROMANIA of Little Havana, located at 1417 SW 8th Street. The grand opening celebration includes a ceremonial ribbon-cutting with dignitaries, live music, Instagrammable moments, and free churros...because let’s be real, who doesn’t like churros?!?

Reservations are now closed

**Street parking is limited, we encourage you to rideshare

Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 6:30 p.m.

CHURROMANIA of Little Havana
1417 SW 8th Street

Miami, FL 33135


Media interested in attending the event should RSVP to / (786) 200-4315.

About Churro Mania

Founded in 1997 by Ariel Acosta-Rubio and his wife Laly Bravo, CHURROMANIA® started in the tourist town of  Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. Becoming the most successful Churro franchise in Venezuela, the founders decided to expand their horizons, and in 2001 opened the doors to the First CHURROMANIA® store in the popular Dolphin Mall, located in Miami, Florida. As of today, the famous Churro franchise currently has locations in 10 countries.

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