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Calle Ocho’s Newest Salsa Night Spot for the Early Riser aka “Salsa in THE ATTIC”


On Sunday, January 27th Calle Ocho will premier another Salsa night but with an unusual twist!

Most Salsa nights don’t start their engines until 11pm  and they last until the wee hours of the morning.  At this new night -Salsa in THE ATTIC- dancers can get their dance on as early as 5pm so they can rest up for work the next day.

Hence the tagline: Dance early on Sundays. Conquer the World on Mondays.

“With kids, husband and work, it’s been hard to go out late at night. People just have to find an outlet, and me: I still wanna dance! I don’t want to have to choose between being functional the next day and salsa. I want it all,” exclaims Yansi J Meoqui.

Most adults put their kids in dance classes but consider themselves too old or busy for dance. However, dancing is known to benefit you physically and emotionally which are health benefits we can all appreciate. Not only does it improve your memory,  but it helps with nervous system to avoid problems like Parkinsons.  Dance also offers a positive, social ambiance and gets those endorphins going! It is the ultimate stress reliever.

“Why don’t we open up a salsa night in Miami that’s early?” the native Miamian asked herself.

Yansi played around with the notion and inquired into a few locations for her early salsa social, but it was obvious that the ample 2,000 square foot long-time Dance Arts and Fitness (DAF) studio, with a beautiful wooden floor in the heart of Little Havana was the perfect spot.

The fact that the beautiful once-theatre, once-art gallery is on a second floor reminded her of her hunt for tango club in Buenos Aires. She was blown away by a warehouse called the “Basement” where top milongueros danced with fervor. With that image burned in her memory, her night here in Miami couldn’t be called by any other name other than: “Salsa in THE ATTIC.”

A Community Affair:
And she was enormously surprised at the support Yansi received from her dance mates!

The most valuable of all of the volunteers was the advice that other women offered who also started and run their own social nights.

“It’s always male instructors, always male DJs, always male promoters. I was inspired when I see these women running social nights. I was like ‘that’s right! I can do it, too!’” Yansi insists.

Salsa in THE ATTIC Premier Details:

Date:         Sunday, 27th of January
Time:        5pm
Cover:      $15
Where:     Dance Arts and Fitness (DAF) studio
2nd floor “Attic”
1501 SW 8th Street (Calle Ocho)

Dancers will be treated to classic, old-school salsa with some timba and bachata tunes mixed in and spun by one of the best salsa disc jockeys in South Florida, DJ Rivera, a fixture at the popular “Born to Salsa” socials.

Start your evening at 5pm with a class by the legendary Al “Liquid Silver” Espinoza. He’s traveled with all of the big names around the world opening and closing major, international dance congresses and is known for his robotic, futuristic mix of Hip-hop and Salsa.

Salsa During the Day and Into the Night!

Does this clash with the long-time Ball & Chain live band on Sunday nights, just two doors down?

Not at all, says Yansi. The dance nights complement each other. If you want to keep your dance going on into the night, start it early at DAF for some salsa dura and then head over to Ball and Chain for some casino and timba at DJ Charun’s Salsero Sunday event.

Salsa is social community, after all!

If you have any questions about this event please contact Yansi J Meoqui 305-898-2326

Article written by:

Dahlia Ferrer

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