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Tips for Parents on how to conquer the back to school season

back to school - Tips for Parents on how to conquer the back to school season

It’s officially August which means summer is starting to wind down. The end of summer and start of another school year brings on a whole set of emotions. For some, it is financial stresses of the academic school year. For others, it is emotions and anxiety about sending your child off to school and how it will affect your family dynamic.

No matter the situation, Dr. Michael Joseph Levry has the solution to help parents get through the back to school season. Dr. Levry is a teacher, author, master yogi and spiritual master with a PhD in Metaphysical Science. He has been featured on Fox News, CNN, LA Yoga, Mantra Magazine and Yoga Daily to name a few.

Dr. Levry has offered his best tips on how to conquer the back to school season, regardless of your financial situation. His latest book, The Ultimate Secrets of Intimacy and Creation, offers practical, hands-on instructions and exercises to conquer the change of seasons. See his top tips below:

Tips for transitioning into the school year:

  1. Stay Present: Dr. Levry believes first and foremost, an individual needs to stay present and be conscious of all that is happening around them. “Being aware of your thoughts and feelings helps you find peace in yourself,” explains Levry. “It helps you stay focused on the present and be more intune with those around you.” Staying present is important during this transition as feelings, emotions and environments are changing. This is vital for preserving relationships and getting through hardships that may arise during this seasonal transition.

  2. Be Aware (of your diet): Dr. Levry does not preach your typical diet to relieve stress. “Holistic additions to your diet, such as metal-charged water, sesame-seed teas and trinity roots can have such a positive impact on your attitude,” discusses Levry. Being aware of what you put in your body and how it affects your mood can greatly improve stress and emotions during transitional times. Dr. Levry will explain each healing remedy in detail.

  3. Meditate: Dr. Levry understands that meditation isn’t very everyone, but is a firm believer that finding a meditation that works for you is important. Whether it is for a minute a day, or an hour-long meditation, “meditation gives us a vehicle to express and resolve various mental or emotional conflicts by focusing on our inner self,” Levry says. When dealing with transition and seasonal changes, focusing on your inner self will ease stress and relationships around you.


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