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Best Classic Cuban Sandwiches

cuban sandwiches

There's nothing more delicious than some cuban sandwiches made out of love and tradition

When in Miami or Florida in general, and you feel like eating something good that will make you lick your fingers, you can try the cuban sandwiches. Take a look at these tasteful combinations of flavours, textures and ingredients and let your culinary imagination free.


The Cubano sandwich was brought in Florida by the Cuban workers in 1800s. Since then, it is the most known and appreciated cuban sandwiches and also a source of inspiration for many other cuban sandwiches. It contains bolo or jamon dulce which is sweet baked ham, roast pork marinated in orange juice and garlic (mojo), mustard, pickles, Swiss cheese, all ingredients covered with Cuban bread with thin crust and airy crumb. After all ingredients were put together, the sandwich is pressed becoming a thinner, delicious and crispy heaven.


Also known as "the little bite", this sandwich is rolled up into a sweet Cuban bread (pan soave) with a filling made of cream cheese, olive spread, and tuna salad. There is another option for Bocadito which is called Pasta de Bocadito with chopped ham, pimentos, cream cheese and mayo.


Medianoche is almost the twin brother of the Cubano sandwich. Same ingredients, pressed the same way, but the difference is that the Cuban bread was replaced by a soft egg bread with a muffin texture called medianoche.

Frita Cubana

This sandwich may be called the Cuban hamburger and it was brought in Miami in 1930s. It contains a harmonious combination of chopped onion, papas fritas a la juliana which are finely sliced crispy little fries, an unique barbecue like sauce and a patty made from a mix of pork, beef and chorizo sausages.

Pan con Minuta

If you don't like pork then you should try the snapper fish sandwich. The fish is first seasoned, put in flour and then into seasoned flour and breadcrumbs. After the preparation the fish is crispy fried then assembled into a Cuban bun with some ketchup and chopped onion.

Elena Ruz

The sandwich was created in 1920s by of course Elena Ruz Valdez-Fauli, a member of Havana high society. A tasteful blend of medianoche bread, turkey, cream cheese and strawberry jam.

Calle Ocho

Calle Ocho was named after the famous main street in Miami's Little Havana neighbourhood. Toasted Cuban bread filled with turkey, ham, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, sliced tomato and a dash of mayo.

Croqueta Preparada

Croqueta is another type of Cuban bread crumb filled with béchamel sauce, chopped lobster, chopped ham, cheese or guava paste.

Galleta Preparada

Not ordered too often these days, the Galleta Preparada is another brother of the Cubano sandwich. Instead of bread, the ham, pork and cheese are covered by two crackers (galleta means cracker) and it is served with sliced pickles.

Pan con Bistec

Steak marinated in lime juice and garlic, chopped white onions and papas fritas, these are the main 3 ingredients of the Pan con Bistec. There are available customized options too which include the three main ingredients, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo or ketchup.

Pan con Lechon

A delicious combination of tender slow-roasted pork marinated in mojo sauce, chopped onions, all gathered in a pan de agua or water bread glazed with melted pork fat.

Pan con Tortilla

For Cubans, tortilla is a Spanish kind of omelet. You can find it under different names and with different fillers like peppers, onions, cheese, ham, papas fritas or chorizo sausages.


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