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The Benefits Of Practicing Hot Yoga

hot yoga

When nothing goes right, maybe you should try hot yoga

Yoga is a technique that combines physical exercises and meditation for a physical and mental well-being. It has a history of 5,000 years, being first practiced in India. In America, more than 11 million people are practicing yoga and they are truly happy with the results. Hot yoga gathered yoga exercises which are performed under hot and humid conditions (40 °C /104 °F and 40% humidity) and it's quite a new trend that almost every celebrity is practicing.

We can talk about hot yoga benefits for years, but here is a short list with what you can achieve by practicing it, both on physical and mental level.

  • Hot yoga will help you sleep better and it will relax your body;
  • It will improve your posture and it will also give you a boost on your self-confidence;
  • If you feel stressed, there are a lot of techniques which will help you to disconnect from your problems and reconnect with your body and mind;
  • It will tone and define your muscles by combining different physical exercises and postures, resulting a sexy silhouette;
  • Another great advantage is that everybody can practice it, including old people and pregnant women, because the exercises don't put pressure on the joints or bones;
  • Regular practice could improve your memory and ability to focus. Recent studies have shown that it could prevent and even treat the Alzheimer disease;
  • You can reduce your coffee or unhealthy energy drinks intake because yoga will offer you more energy;
  • It will boost your immune system by reducing the stress level which is one of the greatest enemies for the immune system weakening;
  • It will also reduce the blood pressure, being very helpful for people with high blood pressure or other heart diseases;
  • The cholesterol and triglycerides levels will also be reduced;
  • Using your own body weight for exercises, yoga could prevent osteoporosis;
  • It will help you to reduce joint pain, muscle pain, back pain or headaches;
  • Due to the profuse sweating, hot yoga will help you detox your body and skin;
  • In time, it will also improve your flexibility.

Not convinced yet? Just take a look at this 72 years old lady. Her name is Anne and you can really read the happiness and the well-being on her face. She is a Hot Yoga House Miami client for 4 years and she enjoys every minute from a hot yoga session. Even her doctor confirmed the medical benefits that yoga brought to her health.


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