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How Avocados Help!

Dieting with Avocados

Hispanics’ Dieting Habits Revealed (And How Avocados Can Help!) 

It’s no secret that dieting is tough work. According to a May 2017 national survey conducted by Fresh Avocados - Love One Today®, the average Hispanic has started and stopped a diet at least four times in the last year. So why is meeting diet goals so challenging?

The survey identified the motivations and barriers associated with healthy eating. Among the top concerns about healthy eating were feeling hungry and unsatisfied when counting calories, and having to compromise on food choices. Other top barriers included being bored with food options and destined to feeling deprived while dieting.

Delicious and creamy, fresh avocados are sometimes mistakenly thought to be too rich for dieting. However, according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, fresh avocados actually fit into a variety of healthy eating plans. After a little education about how fresh avocados can support weight loss goals, nearly all survey respondents (91%) felt more confident about tackling their dieting plans for this summer.

So how exactly does the delicious fruit support weight loss goals? First, fresh avocados are a good source of fiber, which helps provide a feeling of fullness quicker and for a longer period of time, with fewer calories. Second, fresh avocados’ versatility makes them an ideal ingredient to cook with in any meal, any time. Their delicious taste allows them to be enjoyed alone, or used in a variety of tasty recipes. From smoothies to soups, salads to dessert, the options of healthy food choices with avocado are limitless.

Beyond fiber and flavor, healthy avocados are virtually the only fruit with naturally good fats. This allows them to play a dual role in the diet by helping us meet both fruit and good fat recommendations.

The survey also revealed that while the majority of Hispanics (70%) reported a specific weight loss goal for the year, more than half (54%) admitted to a poor track record, confessing they broke past resolutions to eat better just after a month or less. A quarter (25%) of those polled anticipated they will likely quit new tries to eat healthier in under two weeks.

“The Dietary Guidelines for Americans emphasizes making small dietary shifts to achieve an overall healthy eating pattern,” said Sylvia Klinger-Melendez, registered dietitian and Love One Today® spokesperson.

“Changing how you eat is hard to do overnight, so be sure to be sensible and start with baby steps that are easier to sustain. With each delicious bite, healthy avocados add fiber and good fats to your diet and can help you get closer to reaching your weight loss goals.”

The survey also revealed the majority (62%) of Hispanics polled have put off starting a diet. There’s no need to delay, especially when healthy eating can be achieved through foods you already enjoy.

This recipe for Chocolate Avocado and Energy Bars contains just 150 calories and 5g of fiber per serving, and requires zero time in the oven. It’s also Heart-Check certified by the American Heart Association (AHA), meaning it fits into the AHA’s approach to a healthy lifestyle.

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