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Is it better if I one is assisted by a public adjuster


Will I receive a bigger payment for my complaint with the assistance of a public adjuster?

The answer to this question is Yes. You will receive a higher arrangement given by the insurance company with the assistance of a public adjuster for the simple reason that your complaint will be presented with much more favorable and careful attention to the coverage of your policy.

In general, the more detailed and complete your complaint is filed, the resolution is higher. A public adjuster will go through all the proofs, step by step, inspecting carefully the place of loss and documenting the damage with precision. Studies have clearly demonstrated that most of the inventories compiled by the insured and without the public adjuster’s help remain incomplete.

The adjusters from Stellar Public Adjusting are very qualified negotiators, who will use the assessors’, engineers’, accountants’, and all kinds of experts’ services as necessary. They will help you recover everything that corresponds with your complaint and for a much lower cost than a lawyer. Stellar Public Adjusting offers a free visit to your home, where they check your damages and confirm if it has a point. You don’t pay if you don’t recover the money from your complaint. Call today to get your free visit or phone consult 305-396-9110.

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