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Aquarela Sabol, an overall visual creator

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Aquarela Sabol was born in Winter Park, Florida, and she is a Miami-based fine artist, muralist and overall visual creator. In the late 90's, she attended Columbia College Chicago for fine arts, but she also stated that she is a self-taught artist.

Her artworks are primarily influenced by symbolism and spirituality, with a strong emphasis put on portraiture and the feminine sensuality. She likes to combine oils with non-traditional fine art mediums such as spray paint, textiles, reclaimed wood and found objects. She also works on 3D bodies and sculptural work that involves text and hand designed fonts. For these kinds of works she mainly uses wood as a preferred medium, to cut, carve or forge words into. She aims to stimulate the viewer’s personal interpretation of language as a form of visual communication and to provoke deeper interpretations of each piece.

She also designs art installations for art galleries and commercial spaces (hotels and restaurants), especially in Miami and New York.

Aquarela has participated in many exhibitions locally and internationally, including Spectrum Art Basel and the MoMA Design Store in NY. Her first solo exhibition was held in October, 2015 at Gregg Sheinbaum Fine Art Gallery in Wynwood.

You can see her street art murals in Wynwood, Little Haiti, Miami Beach, Mana Urban Projects (Wynwood), Tulum Mexico (Tulum Art Project), The Bushwick Collective (Brooklyn, NY), JMZ Walls (Brooklyn, NY), and HUE MUral Festival (Houston, TX).

If you want to discover more about Aquarela Sabol, you can take a look on her website or visit her studio located at 3442 NW 7th St, Miami, FL 33127.

This is how I view the world and create it back into art. Aquarela Sabol

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