The key element from your beauty kit

The coconut oil can be a reliable ally not only in the kitchen, but in our beauty routine as well. It contains vitamin A, C, E, and K, Iron and Calcium. These vitamins and minerals help us to have a healthy skin and shiny hair if we choose to use it as an ingredient in our beauty products. It also has lauric acid, an anti-ageing ingredient which repairs the tissue and delays the wrinkle appearance.

Being such a versatile product, it can replace many items from your beauty kit. All you have to do is buy the unrefined, organic, and cold extracted coconut oil which has a buttery consistency and the highest quality.

Here is a list with some products that it can replace successfully:

Body lotion


The best natural and cheap alternative for the classic body lotion is the coconut oil. It nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and supple, unlike other cosmetics that contain water that can dry the skin. If you wash the dishes without gloves and your hands are dry, you can apply a little bit of oil to rehydrate the skin.

Makeup remover


It removes efficiently eye shadow, foundation and even waterproof mascara. Put a small amount of coconut oil on a cotton pad and use it to gently massage your face and eyes. Then wash your face with your usual cleanser or soap.

Body scrub


If you use to prepare your scrub at home, you can replace the olive oil or honey with coconut oil. Melt it in small pan then mix it with brown sugar or ground coffee. You can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to obtain the fragrance you love.

Shaving cream


When shaving your legs with a razor, you can replace the classic shaving cream which contains a lot of chemicals with coconut oil. You must apply it on wet skin and if it will be quickly absorbed by your skin you can add another layer.

Hair conditioner


Apply coconut oil when the hair is wet and comb it to spread the oil on the entire length then put your hair into a bun. After an hour you can wash your hair shampoo as usual.


These are just a few products that coconut oil can replace. You can also use it as a lip balm, eye cream, sunscreen, teeth whitener, massage lotion, aftershave cream, and as an ingredient for face masks.